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Profinex Corrugated
Spare part service for the corrugated industry
Our offer is suitable for many branches:
-Martin (parts for Martin flexo folder gluer (Miniline 616, Midline 924, Flexocompact 1224, Transline 1228, Maxiline 1848, Cutline 1636, etc...)
-BOBST (Parts for SPO 1575 EEG, SPO 1600/160-A, SPO 2000/203-A and Flexo 1575, Flexo 1600/160, Flexo 2000/200)

and also parts to:
Emba, Agnati, BHS, Fosber, Isowa, Langston, Marquip, MHI, Peters, Simon, Curioni, Ward, S&S, Klett, Rapidex, CUIR

Parts for Flexo folder gluers (slotter and boxmakers)
The offer of PROFINEX is adapted to different types of feeders:
  • springs
  • suction grids
  • feed wheels hard or soft
  • belts

  • Slotting
    TRADITIONAL SLOTTING TOOLS. The origin of business: Male slotters, female knives, spacers, strippers... more than 15 000 references make up complete ranges for slotters « made in » Europe, Japan or the USA.
  • Serrated knives: Our serrated knives: tools that cut sharp and make you always a winner !
  • Serrated slitting knives and covers made of adapted urethane or steel
  • Different knife heads (slit or thicker) and scoring rings
  • Quick clamping systems for knife heads and scorers
  • Female blades
  • Strippers

  • Lap cutting

    Major parts for the slotter shafts, the knife heads constitute one of our key products: any mistake by the amateur mechanic with these parts can be disastrous.

  • Gear rims/driver shafts
  • Geared rims and splined shafts in stock: Various pinions (single or multi-toothed), for transmission groups are literally our revolutionary parts.

  • Converting slitter scorer
  • Hand-hole tools: We combine heads made of steel and aluminum, urethane covered anvils and cutting tools to enable the rotary die-cut of hand-holes and vent-holes to be carried out on the slotter shafts
  • Scorers: Standard or custom made
  • Guide systems: Bronze nuts with teeth and guides complement the range that includes wearing discs and steel guides

  • Flexo: Doctor Blade


    Rotary die cutter

    Gripper bars and components available on stock or produced within 2 weeks.
  • Bottom plates for SPO.
  • Top quality.
  • Large experience concerning the excentric slotting knives for the partition slotters

  • The most common clean-outs, fingers Bronze glue dams and pressure shoes used on the modern corrugators, are delivered from stock at particularly attractive prices.

    Suction tubes

    Slitter-scorer: knives
    Razor knives made of tungsten carbide and ASP (top one among the HSS steel grades, obtained through the powder metallurgy). The USA, Chinese and European markets trust our knives and the associated grinding stones.

    The traditional circular knives, made of treated D2 (sometimes nitrided) are available for the most common corrugators in the world: Martin, Agnati, BHS SRA-TC and SRA-M, Fosber, Göpfert, Marquip, Mitsubishi, Simon, S & S, ...